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Updated Lightroom - now what?

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Just updated my standalone Lightroom to 6.12. Now, of course, when I try to open files in standalone CS6 I get the suggestions to 'render using Lightroom' or 'open anyway' as Camera Raw in CS6 can't be updated beyond 9.1.1, while Lightroom uses version 9.12. This means either that CS6 won't recognise all the changes made in Lightroom (notably perspective changes), or that the file opens slowly while Lightroom renders it, and I then end up with an (often) superfluous TIFF next to the dng in my catalogue. Is there any way around this, or do I unwillingly have to pay up to Adobe for the rest of my days?



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I have been using CS4 for fair while now alongside an up to date (standalone) copy of LR . I take the hit on the unwanted TIFFs on my hard drive and just delete after processing. Don't think that there is a way around this, but happy to be told otherwise. 


No way am I going to sign up for a monthly payment.

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