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Uploading Images with Metadata

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When metadata is requested, is it enough to send Alamy just the EXIF data such as that at the following URL/example:




Will this suffice as the metadata requested for first uploads? If not, what other information would be needed?


After first uploads, should metadata continue to be used?


Thank you for your consideration.






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I believe what that link shows is fine. If you prefer to caption/tag in AIM, you don't need to have that included at upload. Although it is smart to do so, because then your tags will be attached to the image forevermore.


I believe the object is to be able to see what camera you are using and the information of the settings. I think it might have been possible in the past for some people to strip the metadata in order to use an unapproved camera, or claim a stolen image as his/her own.


just me musing...no facts behind it. Someone will jump in and say how wrong I am.



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