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Nope. I do them as I get around to it. I suppose it's possible that they might eventually email you but they might not even notice. Your dashboard will say how many you haven't done yet.



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2 hours ago, Jacky D said:

When images are accepted, is there a time to put them on sale (Description, keywords ... etc?



From what I understand, if you have less than 5 keywords, or possibly no caption, the images won't automatically go on sale.

A couple of people recently mentioned on the forums that they uploaded images years ago but never got around to keywording them, so they either haven't gone on sale, or have very low visibility. Unless they're Live News, I don't think there's any deadline but it's certainly in your interest to caption, keyword, and complete the optional information as soon as possible. You can complete most of this in Photoshop or Lightroom before you upload.

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I have very occasionally had an email from Alamy saying I have X amount of images that are not on sale and need keywording. Usually only a couple that i'm having trouble identifying which plant species they are and they have been un-keyworded for a couple of months.



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