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Sony RX100 M3 Filter Adaptor

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Have any of you RX100 M3 owners fitted a filter adaptor and if so, which one have you used and how successful is it?

I want to use a Vivitar Wide Angle Adaptor for some video scenes.  I'll also, experiment with it for Alamy use depending on results.


I understand the Sony VFA 49R1 adaptor was made for the original RX100 which has a different lens to the M3 and is not suitable.  Is there an M3 version available yet?



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I have the mk1 and mk2 equivalent of this one by Lensmate for the III-V.

One came off twice, but seems to hold now. The problem with all of those is the stress on the zooming and retracting gear. I use the very lightweight Olympus tele adaptors (the C180 and C210)  but only handheld with one hand underneath the lens. Quality is not that great though. I do have an Olympus wide angle (B28-0.8x) which is big and heavy. I tried it, basically holding the lens. (Teles compared. Wide angles.)

Before I have tried one like this. Because it always sticks out when the lens is out, it can and will snag stuff like your finger when the lens retracts. There's almost no warning: when the whirring starts you have about half a second to remove your finger or strap or whatever. Else the whole thing either comes to a halt or the gears get out of sync or both.

Now there is a trick for that, but I would not try that too many times: put the camera face down on the table; press and turn on the camera. The gears will now do an auto calibration.

For this reason I now seldom use the lens shades I have. They look very cool though - a poor man's Leica. ;-)

While the tele does a poor man's RX10. ;-)




edit: I do use these things frequently with close-up lenses though.

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