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Phishing email from PhotoShelter

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Just a warning to any PhotoShelter uses. Today I got a email from a "Lead Developer" in their IT department warning me about suspicious downloads on my account and I should verify who has access.

This email basically said ss a help to me they have flagged up any user accounts on my account in Red that has a weak password. There was a link in the email that looked very genuine. Upon clicking the link it will take you to the a login page (that looks perfect), then if you have entered the correct information you will actually be taken to the correct page on your PhotoShelter account, showing any users you have created.

So you have no reason to be suspicious, apart from none of your accounts are in Red.

On closer inspection of the email they have been very clever, they have registered PhotoShelters.com and every thing is from that domain. Very difficult to spot, if it had been sent to the correct email address I would have fell for it I reckon.

The email contained the correct URL to our account but was sent to the wrong email address, it was sent to our public email address not the account email address

I have spoke to PhotoShelter about it and forwarded them the email.

If you have had something similar recently and clicked the link, please change your password ASAP.


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