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  1. Thats how I thought it worked in the past but these images are still not on sale, although I did see them in the live news feed. EDIT: These are live now, my fault for not understanding new interface. Dave
  2. Not logged in to My Alamy for a while but yesterday FTP some live news images and today went to put them into my library but completely confused by it all. I don't see how I make them for sale, I have filled everything in as far as I can tell but doesn't seem to have done anything. Also it says I have 1390 images with poor discoverability but no idea what they need to sort this. Any advice or hints welcome. Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi, Just a warning to any PhotoShelter uses. Today I got a email from a "Lead Developer" in their IT department warning me about suspicious downloads on my account and I should verify who has access. This email basically said ss a help to me they have flagged up any user accounts on my account in Red that has a weak password. There was a link in the email that looked very genuine. Upon clicking the link it will take you to the a login page (that looks perfect), then if you have entered the correct information you will actually be taken to the correct page on your PhotoShelter account
  4. I got a email off them saying congratulations one of my images scored a 4 but I can't find which image, am sure i have checked them all :-( Dave
  5. You don't have to edit them on a iPhone screen. I have both a iPhone and iPad, I only edit images on the iPad. Wonder what would happen if I took a image into Aperture on my Mac, edited it and saved it back to the Camera Roll. It was still taken on the iPhone. Dave
  6. When the size was reduced to 24mb the Alamy Size Checker program was updated, so presume it will be again. Dave
  7. Nice guy Keith is, been following him on Twitter for years and even emailed him asking for advice and he gave it without even knowing me. Dave
  8. Mass Storage option does not work on the D700 which the Macs like (Nikon removed it from a few models). So you need software to import images from a D700 but the software may also need a update to recognise the D700. So make sure you have done all updates on the Mac and any software you are using. Or just carry on using a card reader. Dave
  9. Is everyone using the default camera app ? I was looking for something that showed exposure (even if I couldn't change it). I took a pic into iPhoto and it showed the shutter as 1/20 but it looked sharp and was accepted. I have had 30 accepted from 120 submitted. But these are all images that were already on my wifes iPhone, she has 1300 images on there. Dave
  10. The app will work on any iOS device (depending on iOS version) iPad,iPhone, iPod. That is something as developers you can't control, you can make a iPad only app but you can't make a iPhone only app. Dave
  11. I use a G2 and have done for about 2 1/2 years. Not got loads of images on Alamy but not had one rejection since getting this camera. Dave
  12. I still get them and just looking, my last one was last week (which was my last upload). Dave
  13. If it was me I would go for the D3 if your doing press stuff, if your keeping your D300. If your getting rid of your D300 then get the D3 and D700. If your doing paid assignments, you need a backup body. I presume you are getting these second hand ? Check shutter count on them etc... as they may have been hammered. Dave
  14. Been using ProStockMaster (http://prostockmaster.com/) for a few years but I think it now requires you to pay a monthly fee to use it. Just wondering if anyone else uses it and can confirm ? I don't mind paying for software but I hate a monthly fee, I would rather just buy the software. I don't use the Light Burner side of things on it anyway, I just used it for keywording my images but now when I launch the software it asks me to login (never use to). EDIT: Got word back from the developer and yes, you now need a monthly subscription to use the software. Dave
  15. Remember the manage images is a Adobe Flash application/site so you need to have that installed as a plugin and usually the latest version. Not sure if mobile devices can run flash, iOS devices can't (thank god). Dave
  16. They all seem to have their own custom software now. Best thing is sign up to a few on a trial basis, download the software and have a play with it. Dave
  17. Some companies give you the option to ship your backup to you on a HD, you copy your stuff off and ship it back. Obviously this costs and is around $125 as a one off. The other option it to literally download everything back to your HD. Dave
  18. There are plenty about, some will act like DropBox and Google Drive. Where you get a shared folder on your HD and anything you drop in thier will be backed up. Others (like Mozy) do a full backup of your computer in the background and keep it synced. This page has some good info - http://pcsupport.about.com/od/maintenance/tp/online_backup_services.htm Dave
  19. I use Aperture as my main editing tool but I don't use it for key wording as I was always under the impression it put the keywords in alphabetical order and not the order you enter them. Dave
  20. Ha, I didn't realise M43 meant that either until reading your post. I thought it was a camera called M43! I find the focusing fine but not tried shooting moving targets etc... I tend to shoot landscape or street stuff. The 14-45 is suppose to be better than the 14-42 but I had trouble finding one at the time. The other thing to look at (as a second body) if the GF range, it is basically the same but in a compact and takes the same lenses. I thought of getting a GF2 to compliment my G2 and then no doubt I would always have a camera with me. Dave
  21. I still use a G2 and have done for the past 2.5 years. Never had a image fail QC from the camera. What I love about it is the size and the fact you don't look like a professional when out and about. Mostly I use the kit lens 14-42 and also have a Olympus 70-300. Remember there is a 2x crop when looking at lenses. My workflow is RAW to Aperture, save as JPG, send to Alamy. Dave
  22. I only know about one time where my laptop fell off the bed and it wouldn't boot. The other 2 times I heard clicking and everything was taking ages to load, on trying to reboot it wouldn't pickup the HD. Laptop was bought in 2007 and am still using it everyday for photography and developing iOS apps on it. Dave
  23. The only reason I use Super Duper over Time Machine is that I purchased Super Duper before Time Machine was available, so stuck with it and have never looked at Time Machine. As I have had HD failures and my method works, I have never looked to change it. Dave
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