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Hello from Essex

Penelope B

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  • 4 weeks later...

Your riot shots are very good because they tell a story and you appear to be in the centre of the action.

True bravery and confidence here, but be careful.

The most important part of a news shot is telling the story. The journalism. The photojournalism. Technical perfection is not nearly as important.

However in a stock shot, as Philippe and Geoff have pointed out, the technical part is much more important. Your stock images, as apposed to photojournalistic images, could use more post processing. But why bother with stock, the world needs more photojournalists at Alamy live news.

You have a photojournalist eye so send your photojournalism to Alamy live news. To distract yourself with straight stock photography would be a waste of your particular talents.

Here are two shots, amongst many good shots, that I really like.



The third shot “High Street” sign is a waste of your talent. Leave that sign stuff, and other soft news stuff, to others.


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Old news can license after it enters your stock collection. I've had some really good sales of images that I uploaded as "live news" long after the actual event. A number of my "soft news" images have actually become repeat sellers. Others, of course, have been swallowed by the sands of time.

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I would go through your news shots and separate them out into two different pseudos.   Put the best news images in one with good stock shots.  Be brutal with editing, otherwise you will end up with too many similar subjects.   I would also use post software to pull out the dark shadows in images with high contrast (shot in bright sun).  Maybe use flash fill in when shooting in those conditions again, a lot of news togs use fill in flash to lift the dark areas.   

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Penelope, just for info, it's illegal in the UK to take photographs within "the precincts of a court". There's always been a lot of argument about how these are defined, but be careful in and around them....


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