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I'm an amateur when it comes to photography here because I don't do enough or make enough money to be regarded as anything else. However, I get the rules and have 3 stars and treat the agency with respect. Ergo, in my case, photography remains more of a fun pastime as opposed to what I do for a job otherwise.



Mister G, this is not a critique of your photography, but you are not an amateur in either sense of that term. To be amateur either means you are unpaid or inept. I'm sure you've made a few sales on Alamy, and you're certainly not inept.


I'm a retired professional photographer. Since I still shoot stock and make some money, but not a living from it, I should be called semiprofessional or semipro. This label probably fits you too, as well as most of the contributors with Alamy. 

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Well that's very kind Ed and Martin, but I am really not able to put the time in. It's a very hit and miss affair with photography. If I wasn't doing the other job, I would certainly go at it in a much more professional way. And get to travel!


I do however understand where the guys that have an enormous library of images are coming from.


The difference for me is when I get a photography sale, it's a fun surprise. It's basically like a little kid would be probably. With music sales I don't get that. I expect sales every day. I expect to see software show usages around the world every day. I don't get any fun from that. If I don't see that, I get irritated. It's a different thing. Plus there's pressure to do that from publishers. No so with this agency.

The second you are more interested in the money, rather than the doing of it, the fun tends to go out of it. I have to write albums of music every year. I don't have to take photographs. It must be the same with the majority of people that contribute to the agency. 

So, the photographers that have invested huge amounts of time and money into raising a 20K -100K image count are probably expecting sales every day and so they should imo. 

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