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  1. Alamy didn't fail you and freeze your account because 1 out of 89 images failed. They failed you because your personal QC wasn't good enough. When they sampled your images, as soon as they found one that failed QC, they stopped checking. One fails, they all fail. It might have been the first image they checked or the last. You don't know, and Alamy aren't telling. Which means you could have other images that aren't good enough in that 89. You now have 6 days to recheck all your images to ensure that they meet Alamy technical standards unless you want to risk another failure. do
  2. mate do all get a 6 day freeze? Yep! From the contributors' web page: Your QC rank Stars indicate your rank with a QC based on your pass/fail history. Your upload privileges will be frozen for 10 days if you’re ranked 1 star (out of 3) and your submission fails QC. In the past, it used to be 30 days. Cheers, Philippe thanks! well it still is taking quite long, so... i got like nearly 200 images i wanna upload, this is going to take some time
  3. What do you mean by "one image didn't take it"? Was it a bad image in technical terms? soft or lacking detail and digital camera doesnt suit alamy guessing since i overdid it with the demist filter they shot on my camera? i did qualify the first submission
  4. thanks guys, yeah it did take come time however i passed my first 3 images! now i have been frozen for something ...psss
  5. i had this prob in the most latest submission meaning my others had passed right? cmon man if 89 images are fine what is this
  6. what happened, i uploaded like 4 submissions totaling up to 95 images and just because 1 image didnt make it i got frozen? guys isnt this a bit too strict?
  7. guys, i submitted my first set of 3 images to quality control however its taking too long for them to get it approved it says abt 24 hrs, but its been almost 2 days please take a look, thanks
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