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Dear Forum , 


i am new in the alamy world , 

i am recently uploaded 4 Photos who already accepted and passed the QC check . 

However , i noticed that my pictures identified as ( images on sell with POOR Discoverability ) 

i found that i have to put 50 Normal Tags , and 10 Supertags .


non of my alsmot 40 tags considered as a supertag 



Appreciate if anybody explain to me which tags can be defined as a super tag 


many thanks in advance for the reply and support 





Janabi Photography 



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Since your new, you may just need to know that you can make any tag a supertag by simply clicking the star to the left of the tag keyword.  It will turn blue.  Your choice.

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Please do a lot of reading of the forum posts about discoverability. Please don’t add just any old irrelevant tag to get your images in the green.  Doing that will come back to bite you in the b***.  

Some uncomplicated images only really need 20 tags, so just add those and move on.



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