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Just joined - my photos says "On Sale" but I cannot find them

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Hi guys,


I just took the brave step of entering the World of stock photography and Alamy is the first site I joined due to it's reputation.

I was fortunate enough to have my 2nd set of submissions QC approved and I entered the tags on a couple of my photographs and it says "On Sale", but I cannot find these anywhere in the site, not even in My Alamy Homepage which is supposed to show your portfolio.


Does it take a while for the photographs to actually appear in My Alamy Homepage?


Thanks for any advice.

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Thanks Niels, that makes sense.

I should have thought of that. I am just being a newbie with silly questions.

Nope, not silly. I have been there, too, in 2009 :)


BTW - sometimes it is a good idea to search the forum for information as most issues have been dealt with before. The Forum search function is not very good, however, so if you want to make reliable searches use the Google search and start your search words with "alamy forum".

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Thank you Crytoprocta, I see them now too. :)


I will be uploading a lot more photographs in the coming days. I only hope I get my first sale soon, although from reading the forum this can take a while. I will keep patient and keep my fingers crossed. :)

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