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Vlog 08 - more of my local area - where it goes wrong!

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Morning all


I know some people know me for getting that gorgeous soft light but it doesn't always go my way!


This week family commitments meant I watched out of the window while a gorgeous day came and went and had to make do with the previous day where it was miserable.


Two images were taken but were they worth it? Yes, as I have more ideas on my local area :)


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Nice video Jools. Thanks for sharing.


It got me thinking of the time I spent biking through the Loire Valley back in the fall of 1989 - what a gorgeous landscape you have to work with, especially on sunny days! And those chateau! As an American unused to castles, you can imagine what an amazing experience it was to visit so many in about a weeks' time. On our last day we went to the "Sleeping Beauty Castle" and luckily for us, it was the only day that it was gray and drizzly. Despite having lovely weather for nearly the entire 3 weeks I was traveling throughout France with a friend, and the many rolls of film I shot as an amateur (I was practicing law in Manhattan at the time, so photography was then a hobby, and the chance to travel for 3 weeks was a rare gift), I was still disappointed that a beautifully framed shot of that castle with roses in the foreground was marred by a gray sky. Sometimes cloudy weather can give you that beautiful moody light but sometimes it's just flat and gray. 


Lucky for you that you can go back another day. I'm heading off to check out your portfolio now. 

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Thanks Martin and Marianne!!!


Sleeping Beauty Castle being Ussé. That's one whereby I need to wait until the summer to get it. As the facade faces directly north it's an early rise in June/ July to get it.


I am lucky it's just down the road for me. It's also nice as it hasn't been photographed to death and I never see any other photographers around.


This is the same place a week ago...and three days before the vlog was shot.




Tomorrow I'm in the UK for 11 days. Not sure what it will bring weather wise. I do have a nice place in London lined up though which should be good :)

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