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Missing Images in Search

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Hi All


Just been looking at some search results and some images don't appear .


if I search for a given term that I know I have 118 images for, my first image comes in at say 20.  If i click on more it normally opens a page with either that image first or other images that come before it in the search but  if you click back to the original  search page the images that are before it i.e. 6 or 7 images that should be on page 1 aren't  there .



They always used to be .


Has the new SE screwed this up too????







Will look into it further .

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I have found something similar and did post about it a while ago but nobody picked up on it.  In my case it was a search for "senior UK" and my first image for the main pseudo was on page 1.  Clicking on more showed what I thought would be the next image but in the search results the next 5 or 6 images were missing and the 7th image was further down p 1.  Further investigation showed lots of gaps.  I concluded that "more" doesn't bring images up in the right order but it does for most other searches.  It was very annoying as the missing images were actually the most relevant.


All very odd.



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