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Uploading images to archive

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You mean upload to Alamy via the Reportage / Archive route.


If your upload screen doesn't show this option you should apply for it via an e-mail to Alamy.


You may need some experience in uploading to Alamy before it is granted, but I don't really know any longer.




Edited: But after having seen your images, I think you probably mean Live News - News - Sports - Entertainment - but the reply will be the same.


Edited again: After a second look I can see that your images were uploaded via Live News - so you do mean Reportage / Archive route, of course.

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you need to apply for access to the archival/reportage facility. As you are new to Alamy, you might like to get a bit more new material into your current portfolio. Or do you have a substantial archive of prominent sportsmen?


It will be Contributor Services decision, its not an automatic access.

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