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How much graffiti is too much?

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I went through a stroll today down Graffiti Alley in Toronto.  Amazing place.  A true alley that has been enhanced by many talented artists.


I took a lot of shots and they are all great.  Do I upload them all?  They are all different and it would be so hard to choose.


I probably have about 10 I would like to upload.  Can't decide. Can't decide.  Help!



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Why not upload the 10 images for starters? A search for "graffiti alley toronto" brings up only 174 images, which is a minuscule number in the Alamy world.


That said, I've never sold an urban graffiti image. Have had zooms, though.


P.S. There's also a place called Grafitti Alley in Toronto, for which there are only 14 images. Don't forget that one as well. B)

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