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How long before deleted image finally goes?

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I uploaded a couple of Live News shots and then, at my leisure, reworked and re-uploaded one of them. After passing QC and keywording, I then asked contributor relations to delete the original image. This they duly did, and after a couple of days, it disappeared from my collection as seen under Manage Images. If I search for it by code it's not there, however it still persists when I visit my own web site and click the link to my Alamy photos. Refresh does not cause it to go.  It's relatively early days, it may be gone by next week?


I know from searching for Alamy uses in the papers that ghost images exist, you can find them within the Alamy collection using Tineye, but clicking the resulting link does not locate the photo within the current Alamy collection, as, maybe, the contributor decided to remove it. 


All very strange.



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I can think of at least one reason to keep the image on the books so to speak, but not visible to clients. If a client who is on a reporting scheme of a year would report the image at the end of the year, but the database is unable to locate the image, Alamy would not know who to send the money to. It's probably more simple to just flag the image as not for sale, than to remove the image, keeping the rest of the record intact.

Ghost images may well have a very long afterlife. Which is nice for someone like me who likes to go back to old stats from time to time. I have a lightbox which dates from 2009. There are some images with in red: NOT  FOR SALE. If I click on one there's a help screen Sorry, we can’t find the page you’re looking for. If I try the Alamy ref # there's a screen: Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches. But the thumbnails are still there.  And I have removed the images some years ago.



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