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Oh, my gosh! Stemming?

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I know I probably shouldn't do anything with my images until I get the new tools.

But I revisited two pages of old images. Remember all of those annotations? Wasn't this ^ the sign for making a word plural, i.e. stemming?


So....tell me this. We were notified all those special characters would not be implemented. Basically, all of those images don't have plurals, right? Maybe that's why those images sell less frequently than later ones.


I remember the hue and cry over the annotations back then. Those with large ports and the huge agency footprints would have spent years going through ports and implementing. That's probably why Alamy backed off.

Now, those, with smaller ports who worked on it is left with a mess.



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John, most of mine are like yours, too. But when Alamy introduced the annotations, like a good girl, I used them. I even went back and changed a few of my older ones. So it's not like I have a lot to fix, but I'm going to have to look at about 40-60 pages and see where I started and stopped.

A pain, for sure. Literally...with my bad back, I'm nearly crippled after long stints at the computer. I need to get out the WD40. ;)

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