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Heads up- new French regions

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I'm sure those who really need to already know but the new names for some of the French administrative regions came in at the beginning of the month. I only noticed when doing some captions that Nord-pas-de Calais should now be Hauts-de-France.


Hope it helps some of us in future- it affects every single one of my French images.

Edit- you'd be surprised how many searches are done on the old region names. Hundreds a year. Better get to work.

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Je ne parle pas français. And that's 76% of my French, the rest having to do with ordering some food and wine and pointing at things: celui-là:wacko:

Oh but I bet you want to, Ed, otherwise you wouldn't be so scrupulous about typing the accents.

Unless you're still using that québécois keyboard you got on your last smuggling run up North, that is.

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