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Copyright on stills from films etc.

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I notice that a number contributors have stills from movies and images of stars that were not likely to have been taken by that contributor.


An example is a contributor who goes under the name of MARKA .


I'm not knocking these contributors but how do they get round copyright issues etc.  I notice that the ones I've looked at have no releases.



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Did you follow the recent lawsuit against Getty?

(Better not discuss any of it here.)


- how do they get round copyright issues etc.

Until they get caught.


However, Marka is a totally legit Italian agency which has images on every stock and microstock agency you can think of.

So no copyright problems there.

Marka è un’agenzia fotografica che dagli anni ’70 crea e distribuisce collezioni fotografiche realizzate da professionisti italiani e internazionali: un’offerta completa di immagini creative ed editoriali. Qualità, semplicità di ricerca e servizi personalizzati contraddistinguono Marka nel settore dell’immagine digitale.




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