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Alternatively during my quest I noted that the Sony A6000 with EVF at £419 for body only with the Sony E16 - 70mm f4 ZA OSS lens at £799. (Which gives 24 - 105mm 35mm equiv. range I am looking for in a single lens carry about camera.)  Note: I have found a retailer which is selling this combo for £1,099. Cheaper than buying body and lens separately.


Does anyone know if the E16-70 f4 Sony lens has a good or bad reputation?


Help? Am I going doodle-ally?




I've been using NEX cameras/lenses for over three years now.  Most of my shots are with the a6000/16-70mm. To answer your question about the 16-70mm:  It got a not-so-good rep when it came out, and that's reflected in its photozone.de results. I like mine, and I haven't had any failures with the NEX equipment--but then, I had learned how to pass QC before that anyway.


In my bag with that combo is the 10-18mm, which I consider quite good, on the funky-but-good-IQ a3000, which you can't get anymore. I also use an NEX-6 with the kit 16-50mm, and sometimes the 55-210mm. And occasionally a small Canon DSLR (SL-1).  


I like the NEX cameras/lenses for the IQ, the price point if you wait for sales, and for the size/weight, which is the main reason I switched from a Canon 5D/L lenses. I find the NEX cameras comfortable enough to hold (more so than the diminutive Canon SL-1). And I have a thing about avoiding sensor dust (my 5D experience), so I like carrying two cameras with dedicated lenses in a small bag. That also works out well when my wife is along and wants a camera.





Bill I have PM'd you.



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