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Hello from the US Midwest!

Annie B

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Hello Ann and welcome.


Just a bit of friendly advise (advice). A quick check of a couple of your images brought up the following.


Add Latin names to insects, plants, animals, etc in your keywording.


Also do NOT add keywords for things that are not in the image. This can affect your Alamy rank through CTR (Click through rate).


Nice images by the way.



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Hi, Annie and welcome from Oklahoma!

You have beautiful images. I looked at the flowing river image. Be sure to put the name of that river and location in your caption and keywords. The location field is not searchable, so if anyone searched that river by name, they wouldn't find your image. And that would be a shame!

Keywording, and figuring the best words to use is hard at first. You'll get the hang of it. As far as animals and plants go, I've often seen the search term using the scientific or Latin name without a mention of the common name. Use both, common and Latin, and both bases will be covered. Wikipedia is usually pretty good to search Latin names. Then I double check using a search of that name on Alamy, to see if my images matches.

Not that contributors don't mess up sometimes. ;)


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