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Manage 1.0 working again in Firefox! Thank you Alamy Tech Team!

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This is probably only good news for contributors with access to the old Manage Images 1.0. And even then only for those who are using Firefox.

But still: really good news.

Thank you Alamy Tech Team!

The problem: the More options or Details page in Manage 1.0 has been out of order in Firefox since at least August 2015.

Now, probably over the weekend, full functionality has come back.


In stead of using Firefox I have been using Chrome for this.

Interestingly and annoyingly Chrome is only half color managed, so all Alamy thumbnails and zooms are way over saturated.

Internet Explorer shows this as well.

In the case of Firefox full color management requires a hack that's not for the faint of heart.

My guess is that 90% of all clients see very very saturated images on Alamy. 10% have no wide gamut monitor yet.

Oh and Manage 2.X shows over-saturated images even on Firefox ;-)


Thank again Alamy Tech Team for reviving Manage 1.0!




edit: the saturation thingy needs a bit more looking into. For me that has to wait until the travel season is over.

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I've had it all along, Wim, and I use it on Safari.


Yes it worked and I used it on Chrome and it was working on IE as well. It was just Firefox. And only the details page. The rest worked. So a good workaround in FF was to set the My Images page to 1 image. And then to switch to 30 images for copy/pasting. (Not my workflow.)

Great to hear it kept on/still keeps on working in Safari as well.

It must have been something specific to Firefox. It probably had to do with the links, because almost no link on that page worked.



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