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June challenge - poll help needed

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Hi all


I am trying and failing to set up the poll for June's challenge. 


I type in the Topic Title


I click Manage Topic Poll and the Poll creation box opens


I type in 'June challenge - time to vote'  in poll title


I type in 'June's winner is ...' in Question 1


I add another seven choices and in each one I add the Alamy ref of the picture and a short description


I click Finish


Nothing at all happens. When I click on Manage Topic Poll again its all still there, it just won't transfer it to the posting.


Any ideas anyone?



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Thanks for the help. I was doing it all except Posting it. I was previewing to make sure that I had typed it all in OK, but I  guess that you can't preview a poll. Its done now, so let the voting begin.



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