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My iPad has always acted a bit squirrelly on this site. When I'd click on My Alamy, it would bounce up out of sight, I'd have to pull it down and click on it a second time.

That behavior has stopped, plays nice now.

But now when I hit the back arrow in My Alamy or even in the forum list, there's no telling what I'll get. But what I seldom get is the previous page, which I used to get.

I might hit the back button to get out of Ask the Forum to get back to the general forum menu and get a page of my photos. Or even be transported to the Fuji X forum, which wasn't the previous page. The back arrow which should take me to the previous page, may jump 3-5 pages back.


I'm not sure if this behavior is caused by Alamy tech work behind the scene or what.

What it is causing is to drive me nuts.


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My problem using an iPad on the Alamy site that it continuously asks me to log in. Frustrating.


I don't have to log in to Alamy, but I do have to log into My Alamy once, then it's good until I shut down for the night.

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