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I am doing things right

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Frankly it's too early in your "career" to start worrying - or even analysing.

Concentrate on taking pictures and increasing your stock. You have probably heard it said that this is a numbers game.


Having had a quick look at your first page of images, and there are some good images, my advice is to cut down on the number of similars you are uploading.

When you go out on a shoot pick 3 or 4 of your best images of: e.g. the ferry, the yacht, the sheep etc. Don't be tempted to upload the whole lot; it will increase your numbers at the expense of harming your ranking.





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Two weeks ago I gave you this advice:


"You have a number of images of racehorses, but your lead keyword is "horses." That groups your racehorses into a much larger group of horses that include those big burley animals that pull beer wagons as well as countless others. Understand? If you were a picture buyer looking for a racehorse, would you want to go through Alamy's 142,015 horses or their 2,493 racehorses?" 


You have yet to change your keywords. No, you're not doing things right. 

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