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Nikon DSLR - which body?

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Anyone who shoots birds will not enjoy FF unless you have a 600mm or thereabouts lens.

I shot birds with my 80-400 on everything from D70 to D7000 before going FF. Yes, you can crop. It just wasn't the same. You are not seeing the birds eye as closeup through a FF viewfinder. I hated it. Crop cameras are the way to go unless you can afford the really long lenses. IMHO.

Hi Betty, I suspect that I have the same 80-400 and like the convenience of having it permanently attached to a second body. Likewise the image the DX viewfinder gives is a blessing to those who still use manual focusing. To tell the truth I haven't tried it on my D800 in DX mode so don't have a good feel for how that would work for me. But a used full frame is still likely to be out of my price range and I do like having a dedicated big lens camera.



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Chris, look again at your 80-400. If I'm not mistaken, it is not a DX lens. I bought very few DX lenses other than a couple of kit lenses early on. I mainly bought lenses that worked on FF but used them on DX cameras. 50mm, 24-70, 105, 85mm, and the 80-400.


When I decided to buy the D800, I had a nice lens lineup. The only DX lens I used a lot on my DX cameras was the 18-200.

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