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Dear Photographers:
I can't work with Manage Images area well because this window stop often.
I'm really desperate to keywording my photos this days.
If I don't save fast the information introduced then the information entered is delated when the window area of manage images stop.This isn't a good way to work.

I'd like to know what to do. Is there any solution?
All suggestions from you will be very apreciated.

Thank you very much!

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Because others aren't reporting problems, it looks like there must a problem with your internet connection, browser or operating system?


If your internet connection is OK, try another browser, I recommend Google Chrome, if you're already using Chrome, try reinstalling it.

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I have this very problem but only when using Firefox. You don't say which browser you are using but for me Chrome resolved this issue. I would try different browsers to see if it resolves for you. Make sure you open Alamy in the required browser initially to force the Manage My Images part to also open in that browser type.


Good luck

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