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  1. Really poor few months here. What happened in June? Things fell off a cliff for me since then. I only have close to 2000 images (all wildlife) but was above average on sales normally. Last image sold at the end of May, and of the 3 last images sold, the highest was $8. So discouraging. I admit I've been low on enthusiasm to upload even before the contract change. Now, its rock bottom. TobyH
  2. Hi Martin, You asked on my thread if my issue was resolved. The answer is yes but was probably of my making although it does have some use here. My payment basically ended up going to an E-mail address that was no longer my paypal address. Paypal were unable to link it to an account so after a long time (quite a few weeks) they eventually return it to Alamy, who get in touch to say there has been an issue with payment. This happened at least twice with 2 months gaps between payments. If you haven't changed any paypal information and the info is t
  3. Well done - I remember my first and the good feeling at the time.
  4. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone out there has experienced a similar issue - Had a payment in December without issue. No changes to E-mail address. Next payment gets "returned by Paypal" (although they assure me if the E-mail address is correct it will be credited). Contacted Alamy Finance Team, have had payment resissued plus whats due this month - again not received. Waiting to hear from Alamy finance. Just wondering if anyone had seen a similar situation and may have any advice please? There's little to change in payment details (it's just "Paypal") so str
  5. Andy, Sounds like something is out of whack in your NX2 workflow. If I were you I would pick it to pieces to double check the steps. When you convert from RAW your pixel size should be the same but i'm guessing maybe you have a setting that's shrinking it at that point. Do you have access to something else to test it out? If you don't have a creative cloud subscription (adobe) already you could maybe try a trial version of Lightroom to see how it differs. I should point out that I don't use Capture NX2 (Lightroom / Photoshop CC here), i've found Nikon software to be buggy as hell a
  6. As a wildlife photographer, this thread started a conversation between my wife and I last night. I'll often just lay silently at the edge of a field etc to try and get the shot I have in mind and all I have to worry about is Ticks. Can't imagine laying still if there's a chance of a bear or rattlesnake stumbling upon me. There's some good advice here. I would add that if in a throw over (bag) hide you do need to ensure any movements are slow so as not to draw attention. It's actually more forgiving when it's windy!
  7. Thanks for the responses. I had been going through making sure all images had 10 supertags but given the efforts of others here (much appreciated) I think i'll stick to getting rid of megatags and i'll not worry about bumping my supertags to 10 on all images until we get a reasonable answer on where we stand.
  8. I'm another whose zooms have taken a complete nosedive, never seen anything like it. It's the lowest it's been in a year despite increasing my image numbers.I appreciate I don't have the largest portfolio but it's been growing and steadily improving.....until the new engine, then my stats just go through the floor. I've read a few threads after I found ridiculous megatags in some of my images and have been working through them to remove them. I've always made sure I have a reasonable caption. Really not inspiring. What on earth is going on???
  9. Anyone else having issues? Seems to have been around 8pm both nights (last night and as I type). Connection is fine, happily able to browse elsewhere, just keeps retrying. Had to give up on it last night and try again earlier and they went through fine... Just wondering if there are any known issues on this. *edit to add* - after 5 attempts the attempted upload goes red and says "Upload failed. Cannot connect to Alamy. Speedtest at same time is showing a healthy 68meg down and 17 up. Ta
  10. Masolerma, I have this very problem but only when using Firefox. You don't say which browser you are using but for me Chrome resolved this issue. I would try different browsers to see if it resolves for you. Make sure you open Alamy in the required browser initially to force the Manage My Images part to also open in that browser type. Good luck
  11. Exactly the same issue. Windows 7 and Firefox, manage image tabs randomly freeze up firefox entirely. It's flash that's causing it, if you kill the process the rest of the windows come back to life. Very frustrating. Also within manage images, the right hand pane where I believe the help normally is just shows script errors. Off to try a different browser..... *edit to add* Chrome worked fine, no freezes although it's a small test window. help files still in code as per John below.
  12. I'm about to put an initial submission into FLPA. I've been doing a little research and one thing they do which is different from here is that when they say your initial submission must have a 70% pass rate they mean that they have to consider that 70% of the images you submit are saleable in their eyes. 100% of the images will need to be perfect technically though. So even though for instance here you could probably submit a picture of a fly on a tennis ball (an example I actually saw once on a site - 2 non relevant hits on Alamy ), unless they can see a market for the image, it won't get th
  13. It took 10 months before my first sale showed up. I didn't upload huge amounts fast, I slowly worked through my catalogue to see what I had to upload. All wildlife images. Currently have just under 500 images here. It's a long term commitment. If you understand that it makes the wait for something to happen easier Good luck. TobyH
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