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hi all,

i'm wondering how to setup my wildlife images, if better RM or RF.

Animals in general are something which sold better as RM (low volume/high sales) or as RF (high volumes) ?

I know every picture is different, so which considerations do you make in order to select the above?

1) Generic image (RF) or more specific image (lion closeup VS lion at the zoo for i.e.)

2) Background which could affect the category (beach portrait VS indoor portrait for i.e.)

3) Selective focus (RF images are often with a larger depth of field)

4) ... what else?


thanks in advance

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My tactic is quite simple - if the image is of a rarer animal , the image was hard to get or has any uniqueness about it at all I go for RM (the majority of my choices are RM with the exception of birds). If the image is of something that is already well represented in stock and has "nothing special" about in framing, stance, background, etc - I go for RF. 


If I have a few similars of the same animal that I doing RM then I usually make the "worst" one RF.


I only do wildlife so no issues with "property"


I can't say I sell enough to say whether the theory works or not.

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