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January challenge - Pictures you would have liked as finalists


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Selecting pictures and taste is very subjective, also it is tremendeously difficult to narrow down all the great pictures of a challenge to only 8 pictures. 

Hence almost always there happen to be pictures, that I would have liked to appear as finalist. 


As a tribute to those not making it to the final, I am starting this thread. 


In reply, please post a maximum of three pictures that you would have liked to appear (obviously and out of fairness refrain from posting your own ;)

Feel free to give a small explanation with the pictures. 


Here are my three: 


I have seen this photo in two challenges and already liked it very much on its first appearance: 



There are so many stories in this picture when I look at it



The contrast of shapes, man made and natural make this also one of my favorites



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Great idea. I put my images up just after the thread opened, thinking that I was happy with them but then the competition just got better and better... That has to have been one of the best sets of challenge entries that I have seen (on topic and the images themselves).  In the last eight there isn't a picture that I wouldn't vote for if it hadn't been for the other seven!


To pick just one, I just loved the colours and atmosphere in this... you can almost feel the cold of the ice.



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