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I had a sale show up today from Serbia, but, will it become an orphan?



Changes to image rights in serbia and loss of copyright.

The sale was s a distributor one of very little value, but if it becomes an orphan in Serbia it won't be worth anything!

Am I reading the article properly?



There is a petition started here... 
Translates quite well with Google translate.


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I had a handful of sales to Serbian websites yesterday, all for pitiful amounts. I think opting out of Serbian distribution might be a good move - even if that legislation doesn't go through it's hardly going to cause a major loss of revenue.


I would like to think that if a country did pass such a law that Alamy would stop selling there anyway.

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Looks like an interpretation of the law too (relying on Google Translate... ho hum) which I presume means that it will be retrospective too.  i.e. it was the law, you just didn't realise it.  Needs an international copyright lawyer to have a proper look too - the knock-on effects could be pretty dire.


I presume that Alamy are on top of this?

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