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I am having issues with my Skrill USD debit card. 


Skill has blocked my account, yet again, for alleged security issues.  


In 2013 it was reactivated just in time for my trip to the USA.


In 2015 they insisted that I change my main email address, a requirement that I refused as it was a nonsense as I already have double security on this address and I do not use my email for making payments.


On my return I managed to phone Skrill and told them that their demand was unreasonable, a view confirmed by the Banking Ombudsman.


Long story short they have given me 48 hours to give them my IP addresses of all devices that I may use to view my account. This email was received late Friday afternoon!


Anyone else having issues with Skrill?




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Are you sure you are dealing with Skrill ? Sounds like phishing to me.

"phishing |ˈfiSHiNG|
the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company: [ as modifier ] : phishing exercises in which criminals create replicas of commercial Web sites."
If there are security problems Skrill should issue a new valid card. Not demand a lot of info that can be used to defraud.
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I only contact Skrill on their secure account as I am always cautious about phishing posing as financial services companies.


Skrill was nominated by Alamy for use for their sales funds transfers. 


The bottom line is that my account is blocked!!



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