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Canon 6D any one here with experience

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Hi All Canon Users!


I have been thinking of getting a Canon 6D for low light light shooting, cheaper than the 5D3 and from what i hear is just as good in low light.


What concerns me is there are so many on Ebay that have low shutter counts  therefore not old cameras,  why so many, is there anybody here who has experience with the Canon 6D.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Paul,


I got a 6D just a few days ago and have only started to use it. Took it out on this dreary morning and the low light performance seems good to me. I have used the 5D for many years and got this for the dust removal. Also, the WiFi and GPS are of interest to me. The WiFi can connect the camera to a phone or tablet via an app on the device. Tried that and did get them to connect, but I don't have that working smoothly (or don't understand it) just yet. The GPS on the other hand works great by just turning it on. It tags each file with the latitude and longitude and can plot a map on the computer showing the location of the shots as well as the route the camera travelled if the logging function is enabled. The GPS and dust removal are reason enough that I should have bought one years ago. It's slightly smaller than my 5D and was 999USD refurbished from Canon (w/warrenty).

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I've used one (borrowed from a nice colleague of mine), I was impressed and other than for video would seriously think about one for a next camera. Funnily, I wouldn't have considered it but Mark Bolton (he's mentioned in print using one... so no secret) has been using one for a few years AFAIK and that's as good a recommendation for quality as you need (subject to whatever you are shooting). Low light files are certainly much better than my current 5D2...not that I really do low light.


Low shutter counts on Ebay...... that's good....... at almost 300k actuations, anything lower looks good compared to my camera :)

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