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How to find the Alamy ref on a possible unreported sale.

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I've just spotted a possible unreported sale of mine dating back a year. Here's the link -




Alamy want an Alamy ref before they can do anything about it. Since I've had no Thailand commissions I presume it's not been paid for unless the photo isn't one of my Thai shots.


How can I find out what photo it was without having to find or buy the book? What is the normal procedure here?


Any insights appreciated. Thanks Paul

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If you look at Page 2 inside the book on Amazon, it gives you the source of some of the pictures. Two of those sources are Alamy, front cover: Katja Kreder, back cover: Jim O Donnell.


Also, the publisher is based in London (page 2) and the address is included, so you could contact them.


If it is the main front cover image you refer to it is BNKM2K.



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