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Does anyone know what the last two lines refer to.

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My latest sale, never seen anything like this before.

Country: United Kingdom
Usage: Editorial
Media: Television (editorial)
Print run: Unlimited transmissions
Placement: Use within body of show
Start: 01 January 2014
End: 01 January 2019
Rights cover Television, including Scheduled and On Demand Services across all platforms and Digital Ownership Rights.
Rights cover 30/07/2012 – 29/01/2018

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It's to be used on a TV show.  Behind the panellists in QI or some such. The dates look a bit screwy though unless it's a very late report. Maybe they are to coincide with some other contract for the show. More likely that not it has already been broadcast.

Alamy's transparency is sometimes confusing-too much information- but I think it's for a single show but covered for all repeats for 5 years.

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You could have a go using Google Image Search. It sometimes find images / video clips used in the middle of a video on youtube where many television clips end up. It is important to search by clicking on the specific image of yours  - not just entering search words. I have found many of my video clips used a few seconds in productions in this way.


Videos found directly or from other links in this way can be looked through very quickly by gliding the mouse cursor to the right in the timeline field below the video on youtube.

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