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With the new Sony A7rii being released, and a growing selection of compatible lenses (albeit slowly), I have been considering the options available for using adapters for "legacy lenses".


There are already adapters available for Canon to Sony which maintain autofocus, but are there any "in the pipeline" for other manufactures, such as NIkon? (esp maintaining autofocus)

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Sony RX10II "stills" at ImageSource Comparometer

seem no different that RX10 stills...


So am wondering about A7rII as RX10 replacement

in 6 mos or so...


But there's not going to be any lightweight

highest quality fast full frame zoom lens, right?


I'd have to go with something like 24-70mm f2.8

(vs. RX10 24-200mm f2.8) to avoid increasing

overall weight RX10 --> A7rII more than 50%...?


You would be mad to go the A7R2 route, file sizes will be a major headache for volume shooting. The A7 Mk2 would be far better.

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