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  1. What would be your perfect set of lenses for an A7rii for travel and Street/portraiture? As a starting point, I’ve used both 50mm and 35mm lenses before - I’m tempted to go with a 35mm, but what three or four lens set would you recommend?
  2. I’m considering some lenses (for an A7rii) - I believe that the Batis has better weather sealing, but how much difference is there? What difference is there in build quality? p.s. I’m referring to the Sony 85mm 1.8 (not the G Master!)
  3. I've been reading mixed reviews about the Sony 35mm f2.8 za Although I am considering renting it for the weekend, I'd like to find out what lenses find the best balance between portability and size (i.e., small & light) (A7rii)
  4. Although I already have Lightroom 6, I'm looking for an alternative to Photoshop I'm not adverse to PS - just wanting to use something that doesn't mind being used without subscription... Any experience?
  5. Is anyone using the 2016 Macbook Pro? I'm planning to get the 13", 2.9ghz with 512gb and 16gb RAM for work whilst "en-route" - however, one catch I've read about is the battery life. I'm thinking that battery life is a problem common to many laptops. Does anyone have experience of the MBP?
  6. After the recent announcement about Fuji's medium format mirrorless camera, I am wondering what opinions exist... By virtue of sensor size, I expect that image quality will be "better" than most current FF cameras - and I hope the GFX 50s will prove beneficial/useful for pro-level travel, street/reportage and fine art photography. However, with the A7rii currently available (I already own 35mm and Hasselblad V system lenses) - I'm wondering if the wait, unknown cost and inevitable difference in size and weight will be beneficial...
  7. Thank you for your responses! The repair shop I usually goto (occasionally receiving mixed reviews itself) seemed to suggest that they won't repair Sony - and recommend not buying any of their products. However - there'a a company in Glasgow which may help (hope to visit soon) Despite the bad reviews about Sony, I am hoping to find an alternative to Sony's own customer care and still be able to use an A7rii Stoke-on-Trent is a little too far for me!
  8. Thankyou for your responses thus far! Does anyone know if it is possible to get reliable repairs from an independent service provider? Based in UK (either Edinburgh or Glasgow) My reason for not going to Fuji, is because of the sensor size (I'm kinda stuck on F/F and up!) I've already got a 'blad 503cw - seized after trip to Uganda; also a Nikon D700 and some m/f Pentax lenses The Sony is tempting due to it being smaller, lighter and easier to carry - and (I hope) less intrusive to use. Seems like a good idea - so long as nothing goes wrong....
  9. Tempted by the A7rii, has anyone had experience in using these? Especially interested in build quality, weather sealing and getting it repaired/serviced. Been told by a local repair shop that Sony cameras need to be sent to Sony - and I've come across a lot of bad reviews about Sony customer care... Thanks
  10. Nikon F4s is one camera I never had - but kinda wished that I did! I've still got a 'Blad 503cw - a pain to carry, but a camera I want to keep... In the absence of a Pentax LX - I had been thinking of either an MX or K1000 (www.timothyaikman.com (- it is in need of being updated!))
  11. Recently acquiring some Pentax K/A mount lenses – and a Pentax ME Super which will cost more than it’s worth to repair, I’ve been thinking about obtaining a new body. One of these lenses is a Vivitar 17mm f3.5 (not sure it’s a re-branded Tokina) which I got for £6 – it looks like it’s in near mint condition… I’ve been looking at Pentax LX (appears able to command a price I feel difficult to justify), but it has a good reputation – a “pro level” mechanical Pentax film level is something I’d like. Any suggestions? How does/did LX stand-up against: K1000 MX P30/P30n/P30t K2
  12. With the new Sony A7rii being released, and a growing selection of compatible lenses (albeit slowly), I have been considering the options available for using adapters for "legacy lenses". There are already adapters available for Canon to Sony which maintain autofocus, but are there any "in the pipeline" for other manufactures, such as NIkon? (esp maintaining autofocus)
  13. Does anyone have any experience of a company called Expedite Electronics? I came across them via Amazon - selling a Nikon D810 for £1759 - which seems noticeably cheaper than elsewhere.... http://www.expeditelectronics.com/nikon-d810-body.html
  14. With the Nikon D810 and a variety of Sony A7's (A7II, A7r, A7s) available - what would you consider to be an upgrade from the D700?
  15. With news of a Nikon 24mm f1.8G that is due to be released early in the year – I am considering building my collection of primes. I already have a 50mm f1.4D - my interest being in portraiture, (such as environmental and documentary) and have been considering purchase of an 85mm and/or longer at one end, with either and/or a 24mm, a 28mm or 35mm. With the f1.4G lenses getting great reviews – but at a price, the f1.8G lenses sound like a more affordable alternative. Which lens/es would you recommend? I’m happy to keep the 50mm f1.4D rather than replace it (It’s used with a D700)
  16. I notice that the Sony A7s is on the recommended camera list – but not the A7r or A7 (but I guess that they do qualify). If funds allowed, would you buy a Leica M (type 240), a Leica M-P (type 240) with the extra buffer, or one of the afore mentioned Sony’s?
  17. I have recently been asked for advice about which camera to buy – preferably one with interchangeable lenses, good for photo and video. The budget is @£700 – or equivalent, as it maybe bought in the USA (Los Angeles) Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  18. Thanks you for the replies! Clarification: As it happens, I already have an 80-200mm f2.8 - unfortunately it has developed some scars over the years (including a scratch on the front element), I also have a 50mm f1.4d What I'm not happy with is the 24-85mm f2.8-4. I have been trying to find lenses which cover similar focal lengths but are as fast or faster and better IQ The 28mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 lenses come to mind - but with the problem of extra weight/gear to carry around! (www.timothyaikman.com)
  19. About £1200 I'm split between "speed" and flexibility - i.e. primes vs zooms. f2.8 or faster....
  20. If you'd £1,000 to spend on lenses (for a D700), what would you get? Particularly with a view to street photography / environmental portraiture?
  21. I have the opportunity to pursue a documentary on homelessness working with a national charity who, (thus far) appear to be enthusiastic about the idea. The work would be shared with the charity to help rise their profile – as well as for my own benefit. But, there is a catch. Once again I have been asked to provide details of the exhibition – such as where and when; and I’ve not started taking any photos yet! How can I approach a gallery and submit a proposal for work that does not yet exist?
  22. I’ve heard good things about this lens – but my concern with it is that it is F4; especially with environmental portraiture. When using it in “challenging” conditions (i.e. lighting, handheld and moving subjects) and with travel throughout Africa and Asia. Surely a slow shutter speed is still a slow shutter speed?
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