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Seagate Dashboard - how to make it work?

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I've bought a 3TB Seagate external drive and downloaded Dashboard. So far so good.


In the help files and the manual it says 

  1. On the Home page, click PC backup

I'm not seeing any home page nor a command PC backup


Must be something obvious but I tend to be immune to the obvious!


In the past I've used Synctoy, might have to go back to that.....


but maybe I need to seriously consider mirroring my on board hard drive, in case of wipe out?


EDit - Further, it appears that WIn 7 comes with a ready backup and restore facility, why use anything else?

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I did mine on a Mac, so not sure what I saw is what you see. I did mine through Time Machine which is specific to Macs, and once that opened, then it prompted what to back up, showing the Seagate drive, then once I chose that, the hard drive on my computer in the panel.  I chose that and the backup began.

I've yet to back up the images I've done since that, and am hoping I can just choose those folders to add.  It's all very new to me, but I expect I will get familiar with it.  Brian, it is always good to have an external backup rather than only the Win 7 all-residing-in-the-computer backup.


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Thanks for your response Betty.


I gave up on Seagate and have tried the Windows 7 backup, but it's painfully slow. I set it away this morning and, after about 7 hours it's about 20% through! Hopefully subsequent backups, where only changes and additions are involved, will take less time.


Edit - Gave up on Windows 7 Backup - just too slow. Used Synctoy to back up data files (did the lot in about 10 hours) and need to find something to enable me to build a recovery disc. Synctoy has the advantage that you can see your files within their directories on the backup disc.

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