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Last evening I watched a bald eagle nest for awhile on my iPad Air. I decided I'd try to save the page to my favorites. I'd never tried that before.

I clicked on the icon that looks like a book. I don't know if that saved the page or not, but my biggest concern is I now have a blue panel showing tweets on the left. I think I initially saw my favorites, but in the process of clicking around to get rid of it I now have the tweet panel. This panel takes up a third of my iPad Air surface, causing all the print, like reading this forum, to be small to fit into the rest of the page.


Darn, I should know better than to try something new, lol. I get into trouble every time.

How can I get rid of that panel?

Oh, the eagle is brooding three eggs that should hatch in April!



Never mind, DUH! I clicked on the upper book symbol and got my screen back. I had clicked on the lower, smaller symbol multiple times with no results. Arrrgg.

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What was the eagle doing nesting on your iPad Air? :D



You have no idea the hoops I jumped through to attract that nesting pair, Allan! Although I must say, the nesting material isn't friendly to my iPad. ;)

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