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A new APP that encourages people to steal content from the web

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Just discovered this site for this APP which allows people to find and snag content from the web.


I find so many of my images on sites that use these types of APPS...really fed up. Creatives pay money to have our work protected yet there is no clear cut laws on sites like this which are scraping content from other sites and claiming it as their own.


I hope the photo associations band together and start rallying Washington on this issue. It's growing by leaps and bounds every day. I even saw an article online how people can make a tone of money eery month by doing this.




A site that steals a lot of my work from other sites is: piposay.com




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What a bunch of garbage on the Content Curation Questions section of their FAQ page.


In about a dozen ways it assures or implies it facilitates legal, ethical use of other people's content, while at same time dodging any actionable responsibility for its clients using their appropriation software in an ethical legal way.


My favorite is the section ""Why Would I Want Someone Else's Content on My Site?"  

"I wouldn't want my content on someone else's site for free" is the answer for virtually everyone, excepting those who designate their work Creative Commons. 

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