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Managing Images into Pseudonyms

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I have finally decided to split up my collection into various pseudos.


There are some areas that are weakest, being the wildlife (never one zoom) and dog show images (a couple of zooms) as there are just so many on these subjects and mine are not as good as some of the stuff out there. I may cull a few of them over the next few months.


Is it wise to put non-performers all together? Does that not put that pseudo so far back in the pack that I am  basically giving up on those images?


If I start a new psuedo, does it stay in the same rank as my base pseudo, or does it go in the middle of the pack as if it were a new contributor?



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I'm of the opinion that it is not a good idea to put only non-performers together. This will probably drive them deeper into the depths. All you need with a sparsely populated pseudo is a couple of zooms to put your CTR through the roof, so I think it is a good idea to have a "pot boiler" or two in each pseudo.


Rumour is that new pseudos do indeed get a middle ranking.


Beyond this, it's all a mystery to me.

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