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LR to upgrade or not

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 I believe, maybe incorrectly, that Adobe provides a free DNG converter, which, presumably is routinely updated to take in most new cameras with a raw facility?


See here....





This is not the ideal solution as you have to run all your raw images through the DNG converter (extra step in workflow) and then open them in your existing ACR or Lightroom version. This means you may be using an old version of the raw converter - not an issue at the moment if using LR4 as the raw converter is pretty much the same as LR5 (note that is the converter not the additional tools etc of LR5). The raw converters have improved significantly over the years so you would be potentially sacrificing major improvements in image quality if using an old version.

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Maybe showing my ignorance here, but I have tried reprocessing old images originally developed with early versions of Canon's DPP with Adobe LR 4, and can't see any meaningful differences.


I was taken with the idea of breathing new life into old files, but, in practice, it just doesn't seem to matter. (OK the CA fix is a boon)


I can make a much greater difference by using layers in PS to perk up the old shots, but as for the latest raw converters, not at all convinced. Too subtle by half.


Happy to be proved wrong.

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