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Last time I answered this I got it around the wrong way.


total CTR = (add all zooms for all pseudos together and divide by the sum of all the views from all the pseudos ) *100

average ctr is just the average from all your pseudos

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average ctr is the average of the ctrs of each pseudo ie, add them all and divide by the number of pseudos.


It's not the same as the total:




pseudo A has 1000 views and 10 zooms ctr = (10/1000)*100=1

pseudo B has 5000 views and 5 zooms ctr=(5/5000)*100=0.1

pseudo C has 500 views and 10 zooms ctr=(10/500)*100=2


average CTR (for A,B and C) =(1+0.1+2)/3    = 1.03


total ctr (for A,B and C)=  (add all zooms/ add all views)*100=((10+5+10)/(1000+5000+500)(*100 = (25/6500)*100 = 0.38

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