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Zeiss Touit 2.8/12 on a NEX-6

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I bought this Zeiss lens a year or more ago to fill out my primes for my NEX-6. In a big, tightly packed city like this, I feel that I need a super-wide. I had the Touit for 5 days and found that the autofocus would not stop hunting. I returned the lens. I liked the sharpness and the sign and most other details, but the AF would have driven me crazy. 


This is what another buyer said about this lens in an Amazon review: 


"The AF is actually reasonably quick and VERY accurate, which is great. But, it doesn't yet utilize the phase detect AF function on the NEX-6, which means that every time you focus, it runs the lens from closest to farthest, then snaps back to the sharpest point. That also means that, due to the NEX's odd way of continuously updating focus when not in MF mode, you walk around with this thing constantly running the full focus travel when you're not even doing anything. Because the lens motor is somewhat loud, and seems to be moving a fair amount of weight, this constant hunting is both audible and can be felt on the very light body."


I would love to have this 12mm, but without the autofocus problem. I'm wondering if any of you own this combination or have heard anything about the problem being solved? I did not try it on the NEX-7 because I plan to sell that camera, which has great IQ but is not user friendly. 


Thank you in advance. 



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