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Accessing 'My Alamy' in German(y) problem/confusion


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I'm a little confused here. 

After setting up my account and uploading my first pictures while on a business trip outside out of Germany I first accessed the site from a German IP today and obviously was redirected to de.alamy.com.

This wouldn't bother me but it seems to me as if the German site is for buyers only and when clicking on 'My Alamy' 

you get redirected to a completely different page than in English.

I quickly found two workarounds for this problem, either a VPN with an IP outside of Germany or simply switching the site language to English.

Now this doesn't bother me much honestly but I'd assume it might cause some problems for others and cause some confusion.

Reading through the forum I noticed that there seems to have been a recent UI update, so I don't know if maybe the German version is just a little behind on those updates or if there are any other reasons. 
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The problem is not everyone might realize that the other options are available once they select English as the sites language. 

You can't even access the forums and ask for support and there is no information in regards to sellers on the German site whatsoever.

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If you click on "My Alamy" on the German site you're then taken to the customer dashboard - you will see a link here to the contributor dashboard. From here you can access the contributor help pages.


There is no need to change any settings for this.


The "For Sellers" pages are not on the German site though at this time.





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