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  1. After contacting memberservicesQC failed the same images again without me resubmitting them or anything. Shortly afterwards received an e-Mail for clarification.
  2. The upload worked fine. They failed QC. I should have probably made that more clear in my post.
  3. I don't really understand the reasoning here. The initial batch is supposed to b only 4 images and after that I' free to upload more than that. Or am I getting this wrong? This time I uploaded 22 images at once which I found reasonable but quality control failed them with the reasoning "Number of images". Should I limit the number of images? Some feedback how to proceed would be greatly appreciated
  4. The problem is not everyone might realize that the other options are available once they select English as the sites language. You can't even access the forums and ask for support and there is no information in regards to sellers on the German site whatsoever.
  5. I'm aware of that. That's why I stated exactly that in my post.
  6. I'm a little confused here. After setting up my account and uploading my first pictures while on a business trip outside out of Germany I first accessed the site from a German IP today and obviously was redirected to de.alamy.com. This wouldn't bother me but it seems to me as if the German site is for buyers only and when clicking on 'My Alamy' you get redirected to a completely different page than in English. I quickly found two workarounds for this problem, either a VPN with an IP outside of Germany or simply switching the site language to English. Now this doesn't bother me much hone
  7. Thanks for the replys everyone. It's already been sorted out by QC.
  8. After uploading my first ever batch of images I tried tracking my submissions and found the submission history to be empty. So I uploaded the same images once more and after clicking around a bit the images showed up in the tracking info but with double as much images as I had planed. I came to the forum to search for a thread to see if it's possible to delete duplicate uploads but couldn't find any. The only relevant thread I found was talking about submissions not showing up directly after uploading images. Had I read that thread earlier I wouldn't have made that mistake but it's too lat
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