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As a TOG who is new to submitting news images to Alamy I would like to ask the experienced users of the News Feed what quantity of images do they upload from a typical news shoot.


To clarify. If you shoot say 150 - 200 images at an event do you pick say 10-20 that typically summarise that event for news upload, or do you try to upload the full batch within the allotted time.


I realise the above figures are arbitrary and it is possible that a lot more or even a lot less can be obtained depending on the event you are attending.


Thanking the news feed users in advance for any advice. If you do not wish to reply on the forum please PM me.


To help I am looking at possibly attending a sporting event soon.



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I sort of work on 25 but I had recently come to the conclusion that I need to edit much tighter. That is often too many and I have, once, I think,gone over my self-imposed limit - self-justified on the basis "I would have wrtten you a short letter but I did not have time" (lazy/ quick editing in other words). Hey, I acknowledge I am still on a very steep learning curve.

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