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While I was reviewing my own keywords this morning, I happened across the bike messenger shot that sold a few days ago for $180. It was captured way back in 2007 and I haven't redone anything in Post. I fear we too often assume that there's an important lesson in every single event. There isn't. 

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I've sold an image a couple of times where I altered the perspective of the building to make it appear more upright. Because it was taken with a wide angle lens the perspective didn't look right.


It came up in searches because it was one of only 7 on Alamy, but didn't sell. After I altered it it did sell - twice. I left the original image too, so someone preferred the amended image rather than the original.



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"What I'm saying is that using Alamy measures to refine your keywords may be a better use of time than reprocessing old images unless the image is quite special.  If it has to compete with 10'000 other images of the Eiffel Tower, it;s not really worth the time unless it's some how better ? different than the 10k already there." -- Charles


Maybe. Yet I have a run-of-the-mill shot of the Spanish Steps in Rome that has sold three times for good prices. What subjects we choose to capture depends on many many things. You can shoot things I can't and I can shoot things you can't.  Each of us has to decide what we can and wish to shoot ourselves. 




Agreed.  I have a picture of the Eiffel Tower that has sold a couple of times.  I wouldn't presume to know what people should shoot, or even reprocess.  I'm just saying that, for my time, I think refining my keywords would be time better spent than reprocessing images I already have on Alamy. 



I agree with your agreement. It make sense to cover and be part of the mix on any important subject in our area. Now traveling to cover landmarks is something else. For me at least that would not be cost effective. Other than the equipment we need, the only money I spend on shooting stock is using my discounted Senior Metro Card in the New York Subway system. 

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