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Need some quick help on uploading news

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Never mind, found it.




Have some shots of the dragon boat challenge that I am uploading to news.


I have the Description field with the caption, but Alamy also wants the Headline field filled in. Which field is that on my "file info" in PS. Is that the Title?


I put it in the headline field in my metadata template, but don't see it in file info. Is it there, just not visible?



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Jill -   In Photoshop's IPTC (follows Description category) you'll find Headline field.


[if you use Adobe Bridge, in the IPTC Core - these 3 fields should appear in a row (after 10 fields related to Creator):

Headline - make sure ALL the photos for the event have Exact same Headline

Description -    (sample start) East Meadow, New York, USA. 6th September, 2014.  ....

Keywords - .... ]


hope this helps - Ann

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Thanks Ann. Did find it, and I am uploading now. My big decision was whether it was news or sports, but I was playing the raising money for breast cancer research angle, so went with news. My first news upload. Would have uploaded earlier when I was down at the Lake, except of course I took my son's 7D and it takes a compact flash card, and my laptop doesn't have a slot for a compact flash. Didn't even think of that when I headed out today.  :wacko:



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My last two printers, Epson R300 & R360 had a Compact Flash slot amongst the XD and SD card options. If I use the CF card I just slot it in the printer and tell the transfer program, Nikon Transfer, to use that as source and to drop the images into folder X on the computer.


So, if you know someone with that capability on a printer...

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