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Searching for few days with no success. You're all my hope - does anybody know plants below? :)


1. E6W5GH  and detail E6W5GJ  (grows on beach of the lake)



2.  E6W5GW and E6W5GX  (grass general view and detail)

3. E6W5H3  and detail E6W5H1





4. Want to make sure if it's correct E6W5HG

E6W5HG.jpg   (google says it's edible and very expensive!  I say it's beautiful.)
All photos taken in Poland, Europe, warm August season.
Any plants genius here? :)
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I need to ask you one more time for help, may I? :)

What is this beauty?



Photo taken in Poland, Europe, middle May season. Shrub around 2-2,5 metres, soft leaves. I believe it's not Lespedeza bicolor, right?

Can't find it anywhere :(

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Wow! John, how are you doing this? :blink: So fast and so right...


Thannnkkk you so much! :)

I'm a biologist/ecologist by original training, a keen gardener and have been a gardening writer in the past (and, hopefully, will be again now retirement from my current IT based business beckons).  I can usually get close to an ID and then use reference works to narrow it down.  Though in this case it was easy.  I knew the plant - though I don't grow it.  It's not very attractive out of flower.

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